Television Production

Broadcast Events plans, prepares and delivers complex live sporting events for television with particular attention to detail including the necessary technical components, broadcast integration and communication with the sporting federation, appointed television network, host broadcaster and venue organisation.

Broadcast Events is a specialist production resource, authoring the necessary production documents, (from initial planning brief to final production manual) as well as preparing the necessary drawings and illustrations to complement and support the production details.

Broadcast Events supplies specialists in each craft discipline selecting audio engineers, editors, graphics personnel, cameramen and producers who combine their skills with flair and imagination delivering rewarding and memorable viewing experiences.

Broadcast Events has considerable expertise developing sophisticated tapeless environments, media sharing networks and content creation resources to service both live and digital media platforms.

We encourage our customers to be sensitive to the growing interest in social media and how a particular event may allow the end user to participate in rewarding and interactive experiences both as a front row spectator and ‘behind the scenes’.