EVS Operations

Bren is a veteran EVS operator/editor, commanding a thorough knowledge of the overall integrated production system as well as advanced EVS operations including integration with IP Director, browsing media networks, creating and delivering clips, logging software and archiving procedures.

Bren has twice attended formal training courses at EVS’s European HQ in Belgium, mastering all aspects of advanced playlist editing.

Bren is a talented and creative content producer, capable of working unsupervised with an eye for detail, including ‘high impact’ video material, ENG footage, capturing emotional performance and the ability to create fresh, exciting and meaningful images to aid the story telling process.

As a producer I often seek previously ‘unseen’ images to provide fresh and alternative viewing experiences, using both the programme feed and a number of isolated camera angles. I’m particularly sensitive to illustrating ‘turning points’ in sports competition, through injury, momentum, goal scoring or disciplinary action.

I have contributed to over 250 international sporting events with the ability to produce fast turnaround highlights packages with skilful and creative playlist editing. Very accustomed to working under pressure, delivering numerous live shows on network television in America as well as over 600 live studio shows in a Vision Mixing, VT or Audio role.

Please see the portfolio section for a list of broadcast credits.