Bren Hester: Freelance Sports Producer For Television and Video, Olympic Broadcast Venue Manager, Technical Broadcast Design and Complex Event Planning Expert, Writer and Voice Over For Television, EVS/IPD Operator, Evertz Dreamcatcher and Non Linear Editor.

Broadcast Events Ltd is an independent production company and event broadcast services provider for the television, corporate and digital media industries. The company specialises in producing, planning and broadcasting events worldwide and has an operations office in Rome, Italy. Clients include Discovery/Eurosport, Perform Group, OBS, ATP Media, NEP Finland (WRC) and Tennis Channel.

Founded in 1994, Broadcast Events Ltd typically produces complex events for television including venue surveys, designing and drawing the camera, audio, cabling and tapeless network plans and authoring all the associated production documents including health and safety reports and relevant in-manual illustrations.

The company also has considerable experience producing events, particularly the multilateral host broadcast, international television world feeds, TV Newsfeed Services, event highlights shows and creating short form digital media content. This includes writing and recording the voice over for feature items and competition highlights as well as conducting interviews with leading athletes and competitors.

Originally from a post production and studio background Bren is also a talented EVS operator/editor contributing to numerous high profile live sporting events, both in a replay and 'playlist' edit role, packaging highlights, B-roll sequences, analysis items, bumpers, teases and show roll-outs, and in August 2017 completed his 51st contribution to a Grand Slam Tennis event at the US Open in New York.

In summary Broadcast Events Ltd produces complete events for television, managing the financial and administrative components, technical planning, tapeless workflows, lighting, set and stage requirements, assessing the venue logistics, authoring the production documentation and assembling a talented and specialised production team. Founder Bren Hester single-handedly designed, drew, planned and delivered the entire end to end broadcast and media production solution for the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) 2014 - 2016 including back to back events in five different cities in five different countries.

The company has also been engaged in several key consultancy programmes, authoring and illustrating cover to cover production manuals and technical papers for sporting federations, local organising committees and production companies.

Credits include Broadcast Venue Management at the PyeongChang, Rio, Sochi, London, Beijing and Turin Olympic Games, 52 Tennis Grand Slams, consultancy programmes for Perform Group, the International Skiing Federation as well as Executive Venue Production for all ATP 500 series tennis events.

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